janette heininger experience designer
Experiences lie in the participant,
but we can create the scaffolding.

User Research

Efficient and effective design starts with thorough understanding and empathy for the users of an experience. I revel in researching all aspects surrounding a project, to define the questions needed to create a defined solution.


Through the evolution of refining wireframe structures, I strive to create clear user centered design, consistent messaging, and simplification of content. My goals are to make life easier for the user of each design and product I create.

Visual Design

I work towards creative visual design in both web, mobile, and print application. Inspiration fueled from nature, travel, and designers of every era. Combined with in depth research, I work to create a defined brand impact.

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    Art ID Mobile App & Branding

    ROLE: Research, Concept, Branding, Mobile UX & Visual Design, Animated Prototype

    CHALLENGE: Create a lasting connection between high school students and the art world.

    ArtID is an interactive mobile app designed to keep high school students engaged, excited and involved in the world of art that is around us every day. Creating longer engagement and interest for enhanced education in gallery & museum settings.

    ArtID was born from a problem I encountered with the often overlooked labeling systems that accompany art in gallery environments. Simple white tags accompany most work, small and plain, as to not distract from the art itself. The problem is that essential information is oftentimes over looked, or inaccessible amongst large crowds. The artist background, history, and statement can be paramount for forming deep connections between the work and the viewer, creating interest, and understanding.

    I wanted to find a way to bring this content and more, into a mobile experience that creates longer engagement, without taking away from the art itself.

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    Greatest Hotels Website & Branding

    ROLE: Research, Concept, Branding, Web UX & Visual Design

    CHALLENGE: Drive direct traffic to premier hotel websites, leveraging Google Business Photos.

    Aviatech's design challenge was to reinvent their travel website GreatestHotels.com, while leveraging a partnership with Google Business Photos. GreatestHotels.com required a complete re-branding, mission, and design direction focused around their narrow market segment of luxury travelers.

    Goals for the client and user were achieved by creating an exciting, interactive, and luxurious web destination to inspire traveler’s vacation dreams to reality. Using immersive experiences with Google Business Photos and refined search tools, users are able to match, find, locate, and explore hotels while driving traffic directly to the hotel brands. GreatestHotels.com went through complete re-branding to create a modern clean message with vivid colors that would resonate with their customers.

    After extensive user research, key features found to be of most value were added to the site design including attractions and mapping capabilities. GreatestHotels.com has created a new updated face to the most upscale hotel locations, and completing their goals of bringing users directly to hotel brand reservation services.

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    Fairport Brewing Mobile App - Multi-Platform

    ROLE: Research, Concept, Branding, Multi-Platform Mobile UX & Visual Design

    CHALLENGE: Create stronger brand loyalty with easy communication to customers.

    Fairport Brewing is an upstate NY microbrewery that came to me with a problem most businesses share; an easy way to connect with their customers. Their beer tasted great, they just needed a more intimate way of alerting their fans of when and where it was being released.

    The simplest solution was a mobile alert, a mobile app…the lowest hanging fruit. In my proposal for FBC, I looked to create a unique utility that would give back to the user, and create a deeper relationship between them. After further interviews with their customers, I realized they shared a common problem; there exists an overwhelming amount of information that embodies the micro brewing craze sweeping the nation. Being cool enough to know the difference between an IPA and an EPA, was important.

    The FBC mobile app is my exploration of a beer pocket dictionary tool, combined with everything you need to know about the brewery itself. I ported the design across IOS, Android, and Windows, pushing the limits of my design to explore each platforms’s individual brand guidelines.

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    Smash Match Nickelodeon Online Game

    ROLE: Research, Concept, Branding, Web Game UX & Visual Design

    CHALLENGE: Drive traffic and create longer engagement times on Nick.com.

    Nickelodeon was looking to create an HTML web game focused around the booming trading card industry, while also promoting their top TV show brand properties.

    Their goals were to actively engage and keep users involved in their site, while increasing traffic and click through rates. I first worked to identify Nickelodeon’s primary users, and the parents involved with authorizing the experience. Working around their largest property SpongeBob, I strived to create a vivid, sticky game experience that followed a tropical theme.

    User testing proved the solution to align with game convention, Nickelodeon branding, and to meet goals of long visual engagement with easy navigation.

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    RIT Alumni Donation Site & Checkout Process

    ROLE: Research, Concept, Web UX & Visual Design, InVision Prototype

    CHALLENGE: Showcase specific college accomplishments and create a streamlined donation process.

    The RIT Alumni foundation current donation checkout process is long and dense. Through progressive disclosure of content, I worked to create a simple checkout that simplifies donations.

    RIT Alumni are happy to help give back to fellow students, but are unaware of their current projects, and what is happening in their respective colleges. The goal was to excite, and foster connections between Alumni and the current students in need of their help.

    By narrowing down content to a college/major level in the web site, information is targeted towards the Alumni’s respective colleges.

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    Ebay Mobile Analysis & Strategy

    ROLE: Research, Concept, Mobile UX

    CHALLENGE: Analyze and add to the Ebay Mobile experience.

    This is a weekend project exercise examining one of my most used mobile apps, Ebay. Ebay mobile has gone through a long evolution of design updates, and their team has worked through many challenges to make it what it is today.

    I wanted to analyze the complex selling system, content forward marketplace, user experience, and the challenges they still face for the future. I find their challenge unique in they need to cater to both buyer and seller needs. I wanted to identify the successes from their most recent update, identify opportunities, and see what I would do to enhance the system further. Redlaser is a huge part of their success, going beyond a mobile interface to provide a tool for the user.

    It takes on a purpose and use that improves the interaction between user, device, and brand. I wanted to build on this experience and add a Postage & Tracker tool that would make life easier for the seller as well.

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    Designer's Mobile Guide Infographic

    ROLE: Research, Concept, Design

    CHALLENGE: Teach designers mobile guidelines in an easy infographic.

    Reading through the dense, lengthy, and sometimes confusing guidelines for Apple, Microsoft, and Android mobile design can be a daunting task for any designer.

    Each manifesto to design philosophy follows similar topics and themes, but greatly differs in the guidelines used to make each mobile system and interaction. Not only are the recipes different, but so are the units of measurement. I created this poster to help designers, and myself, better understand the flavors of each.

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    IBC Bank Web Redesign & Strategy

    ROLE: Research, Concept, IA, Web Visual Design

    CHALLENGE: Analyze and add to the Ebay Mobile experience.

    This is another weekend project examining restructure and design of the content dense website IBC Bank. My mission: to create a clear, inviting and trustworthy webspace for IBC Bank that would inspire new customer engagement.

    I identified three main goals for this project, clear messaging woven through every element of the webspace, clarity of content and categorization structure, and incorporation of engaging content and imagery to update their brand. Without direct access to communication with the client, I identified primary content hierarchy by thorough documentation of their current site, then organizing by client and user goals equally.

  • Victory Brewing Poster & 3D Model
  • David Sedaris Mock Title Sequence